Privacy Policy

Effective as of August 20, 2020

Last modified: July 20, 2023

1. Introduction

Local Dealers Marketing,


Consent to Receive Text Messages

By providing your phone number, you agree to receive text messages from Local Dealers Marketing. These messages may include offers, updates, and other relevant information. Message and data rates may apply. The frequency of messages will vary based on your interactions and preferences.

2. Call-to-Action Information

Program/Product Description: Updates, offers, and information from Local Dealers Marketing.Telephone Number(s) for Messaging: [Your business phone number here]Organization: 3 WISE GEEKS LLC, doing business as Local Dealers Marketing, Local Demand Marketing.Opt-In Information: By opting in, you may incur fees based on your service provider. [Link to detailed terms and conditions here]. To opt-out, reply STOP to any message you receive. For customer care, contact [customer care email or number]. See our privacy policy [link to privacy policy] for information on how we handle your data.

3. Opt-In Procedures

You can opt-in to our SMS program:

Online at our website when enrolling or signing up.In-person at any of our locations by expressing interest in our SMS capabilities.

Evidence of Opt-In:

[Link to screenshot or document showcasing the opt-in process, especially if it's behind a gated login or on a physical form.]

4: Website Opt-In Language:

By submitting your details on our website, you authorize Local Dealers Marketing to send you text messages with offers and other pertinent information. Message and data rates may apply. Providing consent is not a requirement for making a purchase. See our full

terms and conditions


Message Flow Description:

Opt-in primarily occurs during website registration or directly at our physical locations. When opting in through the website, the process is self-managed at

6: Consistency and Accuracy:

Please note, for the integrity and smooth operation of our SMS service:

Ensure that our brand name, website, and the content of our messages align. Our sample messages will be consistent with our registered use cases. We maintain a matching email domain with our company name. The website provided for opt-in will be functional and accurately represents our brand. We avoid creating multiple similar brands or campaigns to ensure clarity and avoid confusion.

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